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Priscilla – Queen of the Chase

Vicinity Centre's Chatswood Chase makes safety fun

Proving health and safety can be entertaining, Vicinity Centres’ Chatswood Chase has taken an inventive approach to ensuring the community feels safe at their local centre.

The Centre conducted ongoing consumer surveys and identified that a large percentage of its customers were feeling anxious about shopping in the centre with concerns around contracting COVID-19.

To help alleviate their fears, Chatswood Chase decided to create a series of short videos that drew inspiration from classic Australian films. The first was inspired by the Baz Luhrmann film Strictly Ballroom and the second was inspired by the smash hit film and stage musical Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

The centre’s aim has been to communicate new safety measures in a fun way using the joy of dance and catchy sound tracks.

“We wanted to remind our target market that shopping can still be fun’, said John Klein, Marketing Manager at Chatswood Chase.

In these challenging times, using personality to create communication messages and cut-through is a smart way and Chatswood Chase has certainly achieved that!

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