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Get back to business safely and successfully – Insights from a top creative agency

Cassette can work with you to develop customs solutions

At Cassette as a creative agency, we are in the position of having a birds-eye view of what is happening across different companies from different sectors all across Australia. When COVID-19 began to impact Australian businesses, we were there at the frontlines with our clients helping them to deal with the rapid change that was at hand. Our role has always been to provide solutions and we saw many amazing examples of creative problem solving during this time.

As Australia now sees the beginnings of an ease in measures and thinks ahead to the long-term impacts of COVID-19, we have been busy identifying the very real and practical needs that will emerge over the coming months and how we can creatively problem solve to support the safe and successful re-opening of doors and getting back to business.

“Retail and hospitality will be at the crux of social distancing measures for some time to come.”

Working with what we know
We know that retail and hospitality have been among the most drastically affected sectors from the virus outbreak and that retail and hospitality will be at the crux of social distancing measures for some time to come. We know that most Australians are keen to support their favourite restaurants, cafes and shop owners but how can they made to feel safe as they go about their business? We felt we could create some solutions to help businesses showcase their professionalism, commitment to safety and business as usual – with a few minor changes.

A need arises
We have all seen the hastily made print outs that have popped up across cafés and shops highlighting the number of people allowed inside, many of us have stood rather uncertainly in queues to make purchases unsure if we are keeping appropriate distances from one another and most of us have faced the sales assistant apologetically hoping that we are giving them enough space to remain safe while we are making our purchases. In the long term carrying on this way is not going to instil the consumer confidence the sector needs more broadly but also at an individual business level, we can’t afford to give customers an uncomfortable experience right now that might cause them to take their custom elsewhere, to somewhere better equipped.

“Mindful Measures is about encouraging our clients’ workers, customers and visitors to be mindful, but in a way that is positive and affirming.”

Mindful Measures
So how can we work together to operate safely and successfully?

Cassette have developed point-of-sale and in-store collateral to help businesses implement social distancing and safe interaction measures. True to its name, Mindful Measures is about encouraging our clients’ workers, customers and visitors to be mindful, but in a way that is positive and affirming. We think that is really key to ensure success in the long-term. From working with many leading industry professionals, the point that comes up again and again is that it is vital for businesses to retain their identity. So we ask, why shouldn’t your safety measures reflect who you are as well?

That is why all of our collateral has been designed to be flexible to your brand and to evolve along with changing restrictions. The range includes protective barriers or ‘Sneeze Guards’ as they are commonly known, floor, window and door decals clearly communicating in-store measures and changes, counter cards as reminders, notice stands to help with forming queues and branded hand sanitisers that show you care. Utilising both our design and print divisions within the business, we are uniquely able to supply good quality products to achieve appropriate safety precautions that also take into account the importance of the brand you have worked hard to create.

Mindful Measures at your business
Implementing the new COVID-19 response initiative by Cassette has worked well with clients by identifying their particular health and safety needs and the collateral that will best serve your business. We then tap into the skills of our design team to quickly and expertly apply your brand to the products and then move to install on site as quickly as possible. The response has been really positive so far, we have overseen national chain roll outs as well as supported individual shops and restaurants.

We would love to talk to you about getting back to business safely and successfully and we will continue to identify new ways in which we can support the ever-changing needs of our clients in these unusual times.

About the author

Jessica White

Jessica White has spent 10 years working client-side for nationally recognised and listed property groups including Mirvac and The GPT Group. Her experience extends to consumer and lifestyle brands, having also worked in communications roles at Mercedes-Benz and L’Oréal Australia.

Jessica joined Cassette nine years ago as Strategy Director before taking on her current role of Director & Partner. Jess' days are spent working closely with clients to develop strategic solutions to their business and marketing needs and then supporting the team at Cassette in the execution of those strategies.

Her response to the challenges faced by Cassette’s clients during the COVID-19 has been to be ensure her full support and expertise is there with clients every step of the way from crisis management all the way through to implementing strategies for long-term success.

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