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We’re online!
This opens up a whole new world for us. We at SCN love the print media; we’ll never give it up but we understand the world is changing, in fact it has changed and the internet has become the number one medium for disseminating news so we must respond to market
demand and go with the flow.

As it now stands (or at least it did before this issue) we sold a ‘widget’ (a copy of SCN) and our readers bought one. If they wanted two, they paid for two, three for three and so on. In the information business that’s anachronistic; the modern way is for us to provide information to those in the shopping centre industry and we believe that everyone in that industry should have access to it – irrespective of their level, seniority or sphere of reference.

In the future our billing and invoice systems will change. We will have two levels of membership. The first will allow access to all information including our new interactive Guns tables and the second will have limited access.

If your company, whether large or small, subscribes, then anyone with an email address reflecting that company will have online access at the ‘limited’ level.

Those who have a paid subscription and receive a hard copy will have full access to our online site, others in your company or office will be able to access the limited online edition – the only requirement is that they have a company email address.

It means that ‘distribution lists’ attached to your subscription copy will be a thing of the past; no need for others to wait for you to read it and then ‘pass it on’. So ‘go online’ and tell your colleagues to do the same!

To gain access to your online subscription please go to: