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Big Guns 2021

This year, we depart from the usual. The Big Guns issue is always ‘pounced upon’ as it’s published. Which centres took the honours in terms of MAT, MAT/m2 and Specialty MAT/m2, is always of paramount interest to our readers.

The feature invariably provides the lead story in the business/property sections of all major national newspapers on the day of publication. Our research shows that the issue has a shelf-life of 12-months, often longer as the information is used to track growth year on year.

This year, there are no Big Guns ranking tables; we made a decision at SCN to omit them from our publication.

The figures are not the result of some form of competition; they are only one of a myriad of factors that, together, contribute to the overall picture of the performance of a specific centre. What they are in their totality is a reflection of the professionalism inherent in our industry; they are testimony to the quality of the overall expertise of our management and indicative of the openness in the way in which we conduct our business. A Ferrari might be a faster car than a Rolls Royce, but that doesn’t make it better; conversely, the Rolls may be more comfortable, yet again, not necessarily superior. The figures supplied in our tables provide some relevant information; not all the information!

COVID-19 took its toll on turnover in 2020, so we made a decision not to publish sales figures simply because they didn’t provide any meaningful information. 

Some centres were partly closed on a government mandated basis for long periods; others remained open. Some centres closed specialties; others were selective. Different states adopted different measures and some states (like the NSW Northern Beaches region) had specific requirements for ‘hot-spots’.

Comparisons therefore, whether year on year, or with other centres, with other states, or even with regions in the same state, were meaningless and without validity. Although we’re not publishing them, we did receive some figures. Several companies, Scentre Group included, gave us its annual figures as usual. It goes without saying that most Big Gun centres, were down in terms of turnover (MAT).

What’s noticeable right across the board, though, is the recovery in the second half of the year (2020). Without doubt, it was an ‘annus horribilis’ for our industry. However, 2021 looks to be better; it’s started out that way and as we go to press, the vaccine rollout is in full swing. It certainly looks like the worst is over and that, from here on in – compared with last year – the only way is up!

Below are age centre details. These centre listings are valued by a wide selection of our subscribers who use them to make contact with centre teams.

The following table includes data for 96 Big Gun centres. Click the red “+” icon to view more information about each centre.

Centre Name :State :Owner :Management :Phone number :GLA:Asset value (million) :Traffic/yr (million) :Av. Spend/ Visit :Majors / CinemasMini Majors :Specialties :Carparks :Centre Manager:Marketing Manager :Leasing Manager
ChadstoneVICVCX / GandelVicinity Centres03 9563 3355233,664$6,124 David Jones, Myer, Kmart, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, Hoyts4039210,005Michael WhiteheadAmy WottonDamon Armstrong
Westfield Fountain GateVICScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group03 9704 6666178,123$1,920 10.9$71.50M, HS, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, HN, Village 14244096,493Craig TappingEmrita MudherMichelle Johns
Westfield ChermsideQLDScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group07 3117 5300177,441$2,544 15.2$63.50DJ, M, HS, KM, T, BW, C, W, DM, Event 16314207,200Richard HeinzElisha McGrathCon Stavropoulos
Highpoint S/CVICThe GPT Group & GWSCFThe GPT Group03 9319 3344151,100$2,100 BW, DJ, HS, M, T, W, HOYTS Cinema243237,276Cristina PersicoTeddi TzambazisAnna Ogden/Matthew Donoghue/Emma Gibson
Pacific FairQLDACRT, ADPFAMP Capital Shopping Centres07 5581 5100150,249DJ, M, BW, KM, T, W, C, Event Cinema263456,201Shaine BeveridgeKate HalpinNick Fanning
Robina Town CentreQLDQICQIC GRE07 5575 0481149,434Big W, Coles, David Jones, Kmart, Myer, Target, Woolworths, Event Cinemas262456,613Kathleen HartMelissa ShawByron Hayes
Westfield Garden CityQLDScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group07 3135 5450142,404$1,490 14.5$51.50DJ, M, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, HN, Event 16283526,254Nhan NguyenTammy KahlerMarcel Sultan
Westfield KnoxVICScentre Group (SCG) / State SuperScentre Group03 9814 5000140,982$8508.5$51.40M, HS, KM, T, C, Village 15443286,361Kristian NichollsEmma DonaldsonDaniel Lombardi
Westfield ParramattaNSWScentre Group (SCG) / GICScentre Group02 8892 5200137,612$2,004 23.6$30.20DJ, M, KM, T, C, W, Event 11284114,661Adam DillonJacqueline CharalambousCon Stavropoulos
Westfield MarionSAScentre Group (SCG) / SPH REITScentre Group08 8298 1188137,067$1,276 11.3$67.40DJ, M, HS, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, DM, B, Event 26202845,549Marteine EdwardsBree EvansStuart Harkness
Westfield CarindaleQLDCarindale Property Trust / APPFScentre Group07 3120 5400136,362$1,448 12.8$65.60DJ, M, HS, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, HN, Event 08283575,897Matt PowisNatalie KussrowChris Chilvers
Macquarie CentreNSWASCF, ADPF, ACRTAMP Capital Shopping Centres02 9887 0800135,548A, BW, C, M, DJ, KM, W, Event Cinema153214,750Natalie DouglasMichelle ThomasJames Cheng
Westfield Warringah MallNSWScentre Group (SCG) / AMPScentre Group02 9905 0633131,441$1,680 10.9$60.50DJ, M, T, BW, C, W, B, Hoyts 09303324,650Andrew DavidsonAndrew WolfeJeff Place
Westfield Bondi JunctionNSWScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 9947 8000131,126$3,014 17.7$57.20DJ,M, T, C, W, HN, Event 11 + Gold Class153023,304Justine SaundersRachel BlackAlecia Johnson
Westfield SouthlandVICScentre Group (SCG) / AMPScentre Group03 9582 5600129,420$1,440 10$58.70DJ, M, HS, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, Village 16173505,980Michael CroxfordTaryn ForkoshMichelle Johnson
Eastland Shopping CentreVICQICQIC GRE03 9870 8377129,153Big W, Coles, David Jones, Kmart, Myer, Target, Woolworths, Harris Scarfe, Hoyts212985,300Stuart LloydSarah MaesSimon Daniels
Westfield MirandaNSWScentre Group (SCG) / DEXUSScentre Group02 9525 6344128,410$2,346 13.2$64.30DJ, M, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, Event 10224084,891Trish DullardSuzi EvansCraig Donkin
Westfield DoncasterVICScentre Group (SCG) / M&G Asia Property Fund / ISPTScentre Group03 9848 1699123,165$2,231 10.7$58.90DJ, M, T, BW, C, W, Village 09154085,397Charlie RimmerApril GreenhalghDaniel Lombardi
Castle Towers Shopping Centre*NSWQICQIC GRE02 8858 9700116,252Aldi, Coles, David Jones, Kmart, Myer, Target, Event Cinemas*DEVELOPMENT*DEVELOPMENT5,387Eddie PaynterKylie WebsterJonathon Lazarou
Indooroopilly Shopping CentreQLDASCF, ADPF, Commonwealth SuperAMP Capital Shopping Centres07 3378 4022115,269A, C, DJ, KM, M, T, W, Event Cinema223284,539Steven IhmDonna RogersNick Fanning
Westfield North LakesQLDScentre Group (SCG) / DEXUSScentre Group07 3491 9072115,123$92012.1$57.80M, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, DM, IKEA, Event 0882584,916Garth HaslamNadia JonesMarcel Sultan
Erina FairNSWAPPF & NPSLendlease02 4367 7655115,08911.1$60.89A, BW, C, KM, M, T, W, HC182524,528Stephen RossLillias FosterPaola Sartorelli
Westfield CarouselWAScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group08 9458 6344110,533$1,405 11.5$55.70DJ, M, KM, T, C, W, Hoyts 14183284,300Maeve FoleyMia HerrimanPhil Ryan
Pacific Werribee Shopping CentreVICQIC/PGOCQIC GRE03 9749 5111109,155Aldi, Big W, Coles, Kmart, Myer, Target, Woolworths, Cinemas252195,218Patricia GardinerCassie AntonyNick Loukides
Macarthur SquareNSWAPPF & GPTLendlease02 4626 1466107,12410.67$52.79A, BW, C, DJ, T, W, EC172713,971Trevor HillSandra MendolaSam Phu/Carmelo D’Aprile
Sunshine Plaza*QLDAPPF & GPTLendlease07 5443 4133106,7028.94$66.47BW, C, DJ, KM, M, T, W, Birch Carroll & Coyle (BCC)143134,962Michael ManwaringKylie RichesAnita Jordan/Danny Belyuga
Lakeside JoondalupWALendlease Funds Mgt LtdLendlease08 9300 388899,69010.39$64.00A, BW, C, KM, M, T, W, GC, Farmer Jacks132444,800Gemma HanniganSharnee VigorsSally Lewis/Mark Guttridge
Westfield Tea TreeSAScentre Group (SCG) / AMPScentre Group08 8264 401199,277$68610.1$47.70M, HS, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, Hoyts 12112304,650Lachlan MonfriesLidia LuchichStuart Harkness
Westfield HornsbyNSWScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 9477 511197,215$1,055 15.3$40.00DJ, KM, T, C, W, Aldi, DM, HN, Event 09192813,200Will FarendenCelia DoyleJeff Place
NorthlandVICVCX / GPTVicinity Centres03 9478 139997,113$824Myer, Kmart, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, Hoyts102164,640Andria CarniatoRenae FaillaLachlan Healy
Westpoint Shopping Centre*NSWQICQIC GRE02 8825 240096,788Aldi, Big W, Coles, Myer, Target, Woolworths, Hoyts*DEVELOPMENT*DEVELOPMENT4,378Agata RynkiewiczJocelyn RoseRichard Sturgess
Westfield BelconnenACTScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 6251 433394,961$7609.7$49.60M, HS, KM, T, C, W, DM, Aldi, Hoyts 10232432,880Clare RodgersCass LawsonMadeline Cross
Canberra CentreACTQICQIC GRE02 6247 561194,259Aldi, Big W, Coles, David Jones, Myer, Target, Dendy Cinemas131925,116Gary StewartKelly McGuffickeTasha Lorimer
Charlestown SquareNSWThe GPT GroupThe GPT Group02 4944 433393,400$875A, BW, C, M T, W, Reading Cinemas131833,419Mardi AshkineDanika CrawfordHeidi de Haas/Dan Stuart
Westfield SydneyNSWScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 8236 920091,699$4,039 22.7$33.50M21266172Chris ZerialKristi GroseIan Goh
Westfield PenrithNSWScentre Group (SCG) / GPTScentre Group02 4721 435491,397$1,300 14.8$39.80M, T, BW, W, Aldi, Hoyts 08152933,521Matilde PrinciottaIvana SindoniCraig Donkin
Grand Central Shopping CentreQLDQICQIC GRE07 4632 586689,397Big W, Coles, Kmart, Myer, Target, Woolworths, Event Cinemas112014,000Claire TorkingtonJulie ThompsonAndrew Smith
BaysideVICVCXVicinity Centres03 9771 170089,147$440Myer, Kmart, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, Hoyts141643,430Gabe North-HarneyPrue PetcheyMatt De Rango
Stockland ShellharbourNSWStocklandStockland02 4296 826688,036$7277.1$54.10C, HC, KM, M, T, W. Cn141663,607Daniel BuchananWendy MulliganDanni-Elle George
Pacific Epping Shopping CentreVICQIC/PGOCQIC GRE03 9401 411187,593Aldi, Big W, Coles, Target, Woolworths, Kmart, Reading Cinemas201744,926Simon BrownLaura GrecoLyle Turner
ColonnadesSAVCX / PerronVicinity Centres08 8384 200086,604$226Big W, Kmart, Aldi, Coles, Harris Scarfe, Woolworths91214,157Zoltan HeinrichKelli DudleyAlexis Bauve
Bankstown CentralNSWVCX / ChallengerVicinity Centres02 9790 075185,827$545Myer, Big W, Kmart, Target, Woolworths, Supa IGA112243,174Anthony WilsonMonique ForlianoFaye Paleologos
Westfield Whitford CityWAScentre Group (SCG) / GICScentre Group08 9308 275184,759$5006.5$66.60T, BW, C, W, Aldi, B, Event 08172564,107Kerry DavenportJaleesa RussoAdrian Morabito
Westfield TuggerahNSWScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 4305 535084,238$7458$59.00DJ, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, DM, Event 08152213,157Kelly LewisAmanda JohnstonRichard Wise
Westfield EastgardensNSWScentre Group (SCG) / Terrace Tower GroupScentre Group02 9344 676683,010$1,185 10.6$54.00M, KM, T, BW, C, W, Aldi, Hoyts 0882573,148Sandy BainsPaula GutierrezAlecia Johnson
Westfield KotaraNSWScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 4016 257082,433$8757.4$61.50DJ, KM, T, C, W, Event 08132573,540Bert CotteAnita CastroRichard Wise
Westfield LiverpoolNSWScentre Group (SCG) / AMPScentre Group02 9602 663382,306$97512.3$36.70M, T, BW, C, W, Event 12133073,558Brett LeonardBrooke MooreCraig Donkin
GalleriaWAVCX / PerronVicinity Centres08 9375 322881,390$485Myer, Kmart, Target, Aldi, Coles, Greater Union, Woolworths71393,999Graham HahnKylie JanneyJudd Otley
Westfield ChatswoodNSWScentre Group (SCG)Scentre Group02 9412 155581,036$1,296 14.4$30.10M, T, C, Aldi, Hoyts 06182282,831Leanne TompkinsMichele LokAlecia Johnson
Elizabeth City CentreSAVCXVicinity Centres08 8255 341180,536$290Big W, Target, Coles, Harris Scarfe, Woolworths, Reading Cinemas91323,191Rebecca McDonaldShaylee Rogers-KellyJoel Southam
Hyperdome Shopping Centre*QLDQICQIC GRE07 3801 918879,964Aldi, Big W, Coles, Kmart, Woolworths, Event Cinemas*DEVELOPMENT*DEVELOPMENT4,641Brian TurnerCharlotte HallJustin Hayles
Top RydeNSW151 PropertyJLL02 9808 888877,305$39.72A, BW, C, KM, W161772,741Damian LewisMolly EllwoodGlenn Dumbrell & Josh Guner
South.Point Shopping CentreACTLeda Holdings Pty LtdLeda Holdings Pty Ltd02 6293 100076,9878.4$50.11Big W, Coles, Harris Scarfe, Kmart, Target, Woolworths, Cinema101762,352Keith WoodmanAmy YoungSarah Dopson
Cockburn Gateway Shopping CityWAPerron GroupJLL08 9498 557776,684$5477.7$52.72A, BW, C, KM, W71723,084Alexandra McAuliffeDonna HallKym Thomason/Charles Barbaro
Stockland Green HillsNSWStocklandStockland02 4933 279975,793$8209.1$54.20BW, C, DJ, KM, W, Cn131793,120Chris TraversNathan Stewart
The GlenVICVCX / PerronVicinity Centres03 9814 600073,666$662David Jones, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths141993,430VacantLisa LeKelly Terrill
Westfield BooragoonWAScentre Group (SCG) / AMPScentre Group08 9364 791172,279$9507.7$72.50DJ, M, KM, C, W, Hoyts 0882294,250Dan RamsdaleRenee HardwickTroy Davies
Westfield WodenACTScentre Group (SCG) / PerronScentre Group02 6283 600072,130$6108.3$41.90DJ, BW, C, W, Hoyts 08102222,124Craig SmellieCandy YanMichael Harrison
Narellan Town CentreNSWGreenfields & VitoccoDartwest Retail02 4647 421371,46610$53.85BW, C, KM, T, W, United Cinemas 8102333,200Brad PageSimone JohnstonBrent Trumble
Orion Springfield CentralQLDMirvacMirvac Real Estate Pty Ltd07 3226 733371,261$4398.1ALDI, Big W, Coles, Target, Woolworths, Event Cinema81833,200Greg PlaweckiLauren RocheTom Dowling
Westfield West LakesSAScentre Group (SCG) / DEXUSScentre Group08 8159 433071,157$3956.6$58.90DJ, HS, KM, T, C, W, Reading 07122183,909Peter CavallaroLauren ThomasStuart Harkness
Rouse Hill Town CentreNSWThe GPT GroupThe GPT Group02 9421 230069,700$645BW, C, T, W, Reading Cinema91802,621Dave MoretonStephanie KediciogluMonique Cooper/Isabelle Lowrey
Stockland Wetherill ParkNSWStocklandStockland02 9609 776669,144$7227.3$43.00BW, C, KM, W, Cn101612,637Ben Simpson-MorganCynthia ZabanehNathan Stewart
Midland GateWACBGS/VRPVicinity Centres08 9250 368869,085$520Big W, Kmart, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, Ace Cinemas61613,059Shane Di LelloNarelle SisleyMatt Wells
MandurahWAVCX / ISPTVicinity Centres08 9535 552266,012$430David Jones, Big W, Kmart, Target, Coles, Woolworths91573,076Amanda BetteridgeTaryn MacdonaldSimon Wells
Caneland CentralQLDAPPFLendlease07 4944 711165,9325.59$63.61BW, C, M, T, W91593,076Simon De BarroSarah McCuskerRachel Birhanzl
Watergardens Town Centre*VICQICQIC GRE03 9361 555565,038Big W, Target, Woolworths, ALDI, Hoyts*DEVELOPMENT*DEVELOPMENT4,850Joe GaleaJulie WatsonNick Maguire
Craigieburn CentralVICAPPF & Lendlease S/C DevLendlease03 9643 067763,8494.87$59.67A, BW, C, T, W, UC111322,671Christine McDonnellMonique MeteChenila Pangly
Chatswood Chase SydneyNSWVCX / GICVicinity Centres02 9422 530063,619$860David Jones, Kmart, Coles111382,434VacantPhillip WarrenChris Leverett
Forest HillVIC151 PropertyJLL03 9878 711163,487$44.52A, C, W, HS, T, TK HC 111523,500Richard DevlinNicole JacksonDaryl Scott
RoselandsNSWVCX / ChallengerVicinity Centres02 9784 540063,307$283Myer, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths61083,187Craig BrownFran WindonOlivia Moore
The Myer Centre BrisbaneQLDVCX / ISPTVicinity Centres07 3223 690063,219$505Myer, Target, Coles, Event Cinemas41281,450Katrina WarrenKerrie AllenJulia Davey
Westfield BurwoodNSWScentre Group (SCG) / PerronScentre Group02 8746 390063,197$1,045 11.5$35.50DJ, KM, T, C, W, Event 1222243,014Mark SmithMelissa PeckJeff Place
Westfield Plenty ValleyVICScentre Group (SCG) / DEXUSScentre Group03 9404 451162,492$5006.8$48.20KM, T, C, W, Aldi, Village 09121732,650Charlie RimmerMarian SymeDaniel Lombardi
Rockingham CentreWAVCX / AMPVicinity Centres08 9527 915562,216$410Kmart, Target, Coles, Woolworths, Ace Cinemas171363,229Aaron BennettChontelle StoneCharles Barbaro
Broadmeadows CentralVICVCXVicinity Centres03 9301 000061,455$250Big W, Kmart, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, Hoyts111263,051Jeroam WhittingtonIlhan UysalDemi Tok
Westfield HurstvilleNSWScentre Group (SCG) / DEXUSScentre Group02 9511 270061,021$81316.5$30.10KM, BW, C, W, Aldi, DM, Event 07122222,745Michael PeckAlly DenisCon Stavropoulos
Westfield Mt DruittNSWScentre Group (SCG) / DEXUSScentre Group02 9625 717760,535$60710.7$35.80KM, T, C, W, Hoyts 08152102,452Renee ConnellanShelly BaesanuRichard Wise
Stockland MerrylandsNSWStocklandStockland02 9682 185560,023$57310.8$33.50A, BW, C, KM, T, W61552,965Michelle ThomasCynthia ZabanehElizabeth Hunt
Stockland RockhamptonQLDStocklandStockland07 4928 916659,179$3596.2$55.60BW, C, KM, W, Cn111272,999Elysia BillinghamAmanda Tippins-KirkSonya Mitchell/Aaron Stephenson
Stockland TownsvilleQLDStockland / AMPStockland07 4779 603358,806$1836.3$48.60BW, C, KM, M, W71302,965Andrew StallanAmanda Tippins-KirkJordan Morris
GreensboroughVIC151 PropertyJLL03 9435 400058,489$48.71A, C, KM, T, HC91652,785Simone DirckzeNicole JacksonDaryl Scott
Westfield CoomeraQLDScentre Group (SCG) / QICScentre Group07 5656 120157,729$3906$41.50KM, T, C, W, Event 08121412,433Jodie GaskeMelanie FroudeMarcel Sultan
Melbourne CentralVICThe GPT GroupThe GPT Group03 9922 112255,900$1,464 C, HOYTS Cinema12233822TBCPrue ArkeveldLinda Burgess/Ben Wynne/James Emery
Casuarina SquareNTThe GPT Group & GWSCFThe GPT Group08 8920 234555,000$420BW, C, KM, W, BBC Cinemas81372,456Polly LamondAnna WhelanAmber Fotoulis/Hamish Riddle
Wollongong CentralNSWGWSCFThe GPT Group02 4228 599955,000$390C, DJ, T111452,104Jasmin NorthHolly HowellTrent Dowling/Daniel Matan
Australia FairQLDYFG Shopping Centre Pty LtdRetail First Pty Ltd07 5556 660054,14310.8$26.09C, KM, W, Event Cinema32352,111Ramon OttenLouise JurgsTwaanie Caine/Shanna Baxter
Woodgrove Shopping CentreVICQICQIC GRE03 9971 070053,924Aldi, Big W, Coles, Kmart, Woolworths, Harris Scarfe, Reading Cinemas101252,500Kylie RobertsonJennifer RenelleDean Mandaru
Grand PlazaQLDVCX / InvescoVicinity Centres07 3800 770053,376$356Big W, Kmart, Target, Aldi, Coles, Woolworths, Event Cinemas41152,667Martine CooreyRosalind GrahamSimon Brown
Westfield Airport WestVICScentre Group (SCG) / PerronScentre Group03 9338 424452,751$3556$49.70HS, KM, T, C, W, Aldi, Village 08101472,640Natalie KayllAlison McGrathDaniel Lombardi
Broadway SydneyNSWMirvac & PerronMirvac Real Estate Pty Ltd02 8398 562052,597$75010.8ALDI, Coles, Harvey Norman, Kmart, Target, Hoyts131301,665Justine SaltmarshBree JohnsonSepideh Vahdat / Scott Smith
Stockland GlendaleNSWStocklandStockland02 4954 966652,108$3304.4$69.70C, KM, T, W, Cn10492,312Angela VogtWendy MulliganDouglas Stewart
Westfield GeelongVICScentre Group (SCG) / PerronScentre Group03 5215 400051,968$4356.3$33.80M, T, BW, C81541,714Daniel AnnettaHeidi FlahertyMichelle Johns
Cairns CentralQLDAPPFLendlease07 4041 411151,9529.28$39.44C, KM, M, T, EC71442,473Christie-Lee JacksonLouise StruberWill Palethorpe
Tweed CityNSWSAS Trustee CorporationLendlease07 5523 610051,4205.5$55.28BW, KM, C, W, H61242,272Grant JolleyLaura MartiniLachie Asprey
Karrinyup Shopping Centre*WAUniSuperAMP Capital Shopping Centres08 9445 1122*N/RBW, DJ, M, W21302,500Tim RichardsGemma O'SheaJackie Merriman

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