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KONE: Elevating shopping centre safety and compliance

As we step into the bustling heart of a shopping centre, a symphony of activity surrounds us. Shoppers dart from store to store, bags in tow, while the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the excitement of retail therapy. Amid this vibrant scene, one might not immediately notice the silent workhorses that enable our seamless vertical journeys – the escalators.

These moving staircases, often taken for granted, form the backbone of our vertical transportation in bustling commercial spaces like this. Ensuring the safety and reliability of these escalators is not just a matter of convenience, it’s a paramount concern. Escalators play a pivotal role in enhancing the shopping experience, while the operation and adherence to safety standards are non-negotiable.

Tania Wright, comments, “At KONE, we are experts in ensuring that our escalators meet code requirements and compliance, while making safety our top priority. It’s the cornerstone of everything we do.”

Safety equipment: The Missing Step Sensor
One of KONE’s key safety features is the innovative Missing Step Sensor. This state-of-the-art technology is meticulously designed to detect any irregularities in escalator steps. Whether it’s a missing or damaged step, KONE’s Missing Step Sensor is vigilant. When it identifies such an issue, it triggers an immediate halt to the escalator’s operation and this proactive approach prevents accidents and potential injuries.

But safety equipment is just one piece of the puzzle. Education is equally vital.

Educating users: Empowering safe practices
In the shopping centre environment, escalator users come from all walks of life, and not everyone is aware of the potential hazards. That’s why KONE offers a range of educational resources and tools designed to empower users with the knowledge needed to ride escalators safely.

Wright, comments: “Our educational materials include informative videos, engaging brochures, and digital content that showcases the do’s and don’ts of escalator usage. You can actively promote safe practices among your visitors, elevating their shopping experience while minimising the risk of accidents.”

Code compliance: Meeting and exceeding standards
Meeting code requirements in escalator operation is not just a regulatory necessity: it’s a mark of excellence.

“At KONE, we understand the intricacies of these regulations, and our engineering and design teams work diligently to ensure that our escalators not only meet, but often exceed, industry safety standards.

“Whether it’s local or international regulations, we’ve got you covered. When you choose KONE, you choose compliance with confidence,” adds Wright.

Elevate safety: Elevate the shopping experience
In the competitive world of shopping centres, safety and compliance are integral components of success. By partnering with KONE, you not only enhance the safety of your escalators but also elevate the overall shopping experience for your visitors. Together, we can make your shopping centre a safer, more enjoyable destination for everyone. Elevate your safety standards with KONE today.

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