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Shopper Media Group celebrates 250 Shopping Centres

Shopper Media Group today announced it has reached 250 shopping centres nationally, maintaining its position as Australia’s fastest-growing retail digital out-of-home business. With the 2018 Mini Guns report soon to be released to our subscribers we have seen an increased focus on driving relevant revenue models which includes the increased use of digital media in high traffic shopping centres.

Shopper Media Group’s CEO, Ben Walker, says shopping centres are the heart and soul of local communities and today’s milestone means the company is now connecting with more than 250 local communities across the country at scale.

Since launching in 2015, Shopper Media Group has focused on on expanding reach in grocery-centric hubs. The network of high-tech SmartLite® digital panels within 250 shopping centres reaches more than 5.9 million Australians per fortnight, which includes over 5.2 million grocery buyers, 3.3 million parents, 1.9 million Millennials and 2.1 million Australian shoppers over 50.

Shopping centres and brands are now marketing to the needs of increasingly diverse local communities, segmented by age, ethnicity and locality, to ensure they stay relevant. “For shopping centres and brands to succeed, it’s imperative that they understand who their consumers are, and importantly, think like the consumers they serve. This can only be achieved by a network system such as our SmartLite® digital panels that can provide advanced location-aware analytics and shopper data,” Walker says.

“Our rapid expansion has been driven by our ability to capture unique data and unparalleled insights of consumers within our shopping centres. Pairing MIST’s market leading technology with our SmartLite® network means we are able to offer the most advanced integrated Wi-Fi and digital media solution in retail OOH,” he adds.

“The MIST partnership allows us to drive deeper engagement with shoppers through personalised brand-messaging and the use of real-time traffic analytics to deliver on our mission to provide best-in-class customer service to our shopping centre partners.”

The agile nature of Shopper Media Group’s high-tech infrastructure with ultra HD panels, intelligent Wi-Fi and virtual beacon technology has made it a game-changer in the market.

“Now with a portfolio of over 250 local shopping centres, we can deliver personalisation at scale, reaching different communities at the same time with different messaging based on who they are, where they live and what’s happening in that local community. For marketers and brands, it provides new efficiencies for their creative campaigns powered by our understanding of our local shopping communities.

“It is these market-leading capabilities that has driven over 250 shopping centres across the nation to acquire the SmartLites® panels as it allows them to engage their shoppers in a more meaningful, personalised and streamlined way,” Walker says.

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