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The sheer breadth and depth, the range of issues covered by the CEOs in this feature, are all testimony to the degree of expertise in our industry in Australia. ‘Disruption’ is a word that comes up regularly, yet reading not so much ‘between the lines’, but delving into the general and fundamental substance of these articles, it becomes clear that in an ever-changing and ‘disruptive’ world, the one constant is the calmness and the authority of the shopping centre industry in this country.

Rapid change is a constant in our lives, affecting almost everything we do: how we operate, communicate, associate and interact. This change causes disruption which often morphs into confusion, but read the CEO submissions in this feature and you’ll not find even a trace of confusion.

There is however a distinct change this year in the tone of the submissions. Whereas, in the past, the accent has been on redevelopment, openings, development pipelines, actual and physical accomplishments, this year the mood is more ethereal, philosophical and has a distinct leaning towards psychographics, human behaviour, and customer ‘experience’.

The feature as a whole is a fascinating read and the quality of the articles is evidence of the fact that the Australian contingent of the shopping centre industry is the world leader.

As is always the case, the submissions in this feature are unedited and the subject matter is solely at the discretion and choice of the writer. For anyone in this industry, at whatever level, the feature is required reading!

2018 CEO Outlook

Sam Curry, ISPT

The retail sector is at a really interesting point in its life. Why? Those involved in the industry both as providers of goods and services and as owners of...