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A couple of new faces! Mark Kirkland takes over the reins at AMP Capital Shopping Centres and Simon Rooney from JLL, who’s been at the forefront of more shopping centre transactions than you can poke a stick at, joins us for the first time.

The mood is upbeat; across the board it seems as if 2016 was a good year, and the general prognosis for the year ahead is positive.

A consistent theme running through the contributions from the CEOs is the importance placed on creating experiences for the shoppers. The concern that was prevalent a few years ago – the threat of the Internet and ‘online shopping’ – has not gone away but the CEOs are more comfortable with it now and seem to provide for, and bring it into their operations rather than fearing the consequences.

Development pipelines are still massive and will continue to be so through the next couple of years. Food and Beverage, leisure and entertainment are all mentioned frequently and they link into the previously mentioned ‘creating experiences’ so important to today’s centres.

But of course the individual ‘major emphasis’ of each contribution, the difference in each CEOs focus, is what makes this series really interesting; different takes on the same business and the different strategies to be adopted in the coming year.

2017 CEO Outlook

Sam Curry, ISPT

The retail environment is such a dynamic and evolving space, a major challenge is to make sure our business is focused and positioned on the right things at...