Author - Susanne Pini

Susanne is a Director of HDR specialising in retail design + mixed use + town centres. She has been at the forefront of an evolution which has seen enclosed and isolated shopping centres become publicly engaging pieces of community infrastructure through the models of town centres and mixed use developments.
Her reputation for innovation in design has led to publications in leading architectural and top industry journals. She is featured as a frequent industry commentator at conferences ranging from the International Conference of Town Centres, the Sydney Architecture Festival, International Shopping Centre Conference and the New Urbanism Conference to the ABC Radio. Susanne has a unique skill for this industry in that her experience encompasses different spheres of design from architectural to urban and public domain which results in projects which are able to balance these sometimes conflicting disciplines into projects of great complexity and resultant finesse.


Pop Up Power

‘Pop Ups’ used to be temporary, inexpensive, amateurish. Not any more! Pop Ups are now mainstream, sophisticated and an established form of retail. They are...

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Destination Station!

Now here’s an article to set some retail development managers running to the arena of Public Private Partnerships. The redevelopment of railway stations...

Design Technology

Future You

We ponder deeply about the future of retail – what will a shop be like, will it contain stock or just imagery, holograms, samples? How will the internet and...

Design Feature Stories

Less is more

What will our centres look like in the future (and that’s only a few weeks away!)? What will a shop look like, and how will it relate to the online business...


A new golden age

With the rise of home-viewing opportunities and the entertainment content available anywhere, anytime, the bricks-and-mortar cinemas are working harder than...


Let the games begin!

Eatertainment, as defined in the Oxford Dictionary, is “an experience which combines eating with entertainment; specifically the sector of the restaurant...


The best of 2016

Looking back at 2016, it's wonderful to see the mix of the year's award-winning retail architecture and design projects, some judged by the official industry...

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Food markets Asia

Floating markets, desert markets, street markets, night markets, hidden in the alleyways or sprawling indoors, everywhere you go or look in Asia you can find...

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Food markets Europe

There is something magical about food markets. Spices, rustic breads, local delicacies, seasonal fruit and veg, cheese, fresh seafood and vintage wines...